I was so happy with my Hannah x Ryder litter “the Beach Boys” :-), I knew I wanted a girl more than anything when I repeated the breeding. And God blessed me with 6 gorgeous girls and 2 precious boys!

Sophie was the tiniest but so cute! She has a very special story because Hannah stepped on her ankle when she was only 10 days old and broke it.  We went through so much together! Surgery when she was 11 mo old, 40 days with nails all over her leg to help the bone get together, rehab, chiropractic...But Sophie is a fighter, she would not give up, she always kept her sweet smile, even in pain after the surgery, she always looked at me like saying “Don´t worry, mom! I´m OK and I love you”, so we fought the battle together and we won it.

Now sweet Sophie is over 2 years old, she´s a gorgeous young lady and she passed all her OFA clearances with flying colors despite all that she had to go through when she was so young.
Sophie's clearances
Hips: GR-109311G24F-VPI (Good)
Elbows: GR-EL29786F24-VPI (Normal)
Heart: GR-CA23939/19F/C-VPI (Normal)
Eyes: GR-EYE2947/36F-VPI (Normal, no breeder’s options)
Pedigree link: http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=453704
This is the link to her clearances at the OFA database:
And she is so pretty, such a beautiful body, such a sweet and loving face. So I can start dreaming of having her kids one day, my Ryder daughter will be a mom soon!
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