Brookshire Magicshades Let It Be Me
This young lady means so much to me J Sarah is out of Madison, Ch Brookshire Xena Warrior Princess, and Wilson, Ch Magicshades Finders Keepers. She was co-bred by my very good friend Julie Guay and me and she was born in Northborough, Ma at Julie´s home. Sarah is my second generation of Magicshades Goldens, she´s Hannah´s granddaughter,  Maddie´s daughter, and Wilson´s daughter, who was my first homebred Champion!


She´s sweet as her mom and an eternal puppy, playful (and naughty!) as her dad.

She is very strong, with very good front and angles , a very sweet head and expression and a lovely topline. Her body is well balanced and she has an adorable movement and side gait.

She has all her OFA clearances Hips: GR-109275G24F-VPI (Good),
Elbows:GR-EL29739F24-VPI (Normal),Heart:GR-CA23940/18F/C-VPI
(Normal)  and Eye clearance: GR-EYE2940/36F-VPI (Normal no Breeder´s
Options). This is the OFA link to her clearances: