Magicshades Dreams Do Come True

    When I went to pick her up at Julie´s home in MA I knew Kylie was the one I had been waiting for so long.
What a smart puppy she is! We started Obedience classes and Conformation classes at the Oshkosh Kennel Club when she was 3 mo old. She passed her first level Obedience Test when she was 4 months old being the only puppy in the class and doing the exercises the adults were doing!

    And we´ve had some fun together at the Conformation Ring already!

    On July 27th, just one day after she turned 4 mo old, she went BOB and Sporting Group 2 at the AKC 4-6 Puppy Competition (Waukesha Kennel Club Dog Show, WI).

    On September 8th, 2013 she went BOB and Sporting Group 2 at an AKC sanctioned match at the Winnegamie Kennel Club, WI.

    On October 23rd-27th 2013 Kylie made her grand debut at the Golden Retriever National in Wichita Falls. She got 2nd place in her class 6-9 mo old Puppy Bitches under breeder Judge Kitty Cathy with over 40 beautiful girls entered. She was shown wonderfully by Carrie Rosenkoetter.

    She also participated in Sweepstakes shown by me and we made all cuts and made it until the final cut in a class of over 40 beautiful girls!

    I have high hopes for my little girl, she´s all I wanted her to be and more! But apart from beautiful,  she is also my buddy, my velcro dog, the one who follows my around the house and has eyes only for me, and I love it! J She´s resting on my feet while I´m writing this, and I´m enjoying every minute of her like crazy. Love you, my Kylie!

Kylie has all four clearances at the OFA database. Hips: GR-113582G26F-VPI (Good),
Elbows : GR-EL33695F26-VPI (Normal), Heart : GR-CA26707/17F/C-VPI (Normal) and
Eyes: GR-EYE2946/17F-VPI (Normal, no breeder’s options) This is the link to her clearances
at the OFA database: